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Jade McLaughlin
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Jade McLaughlin Serotonin is bringing back the spirit of passionate and intricate Black Metal. I'm loving every second of this record. Favorite track: Antagonist.
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released November 28, 2015

Sander Hordijk: guitars, (slide & cello) bass, banjo, backing vocals
Martin Perescis: vocals, percussion, programming

Guest musicians:
Janske Eijsbouts: Violin on Gamma Aminobutyric Acid Jazz
Maarten Verbaarschot: Guest vocals on Perspective Uncommonly & Faceless

All music written and performed by Serotonin

Art by Val Nicharico, used with kind permission



all rights reserved


Serotonin Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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Track Name: Ogham
Complete concepts caught in straight lines
Concave ideas constrained
Captured in writing
Sustained relevance, detailing man's past
Or that of it we've been led to believe
After all, the victors write the history books
Or rather, those last standing
Immortalised, carved in stone, engraved in wood
Technology advanced, gave us vellum
Brought pen and paper
Decaying, eaten by rats and finger acids
History as passed on
In ogham, futhorc, cuneiform, hieroglyphics
Clay tablets containing evolution
History books that can't be wiped away at 451 Fahrenheit
Gave us names to remember
When we'll long be gone
Immortality granted by stone
Encapsulated in words
Like souls captured by the camera
Their essence lies embedded deep within
A mere mention of their name and they stir
Deep within the grips of time
Confined within the space of a word
A flick of the tongue
Bough, pencil and papyrus
Deciding upon memories remembered
Or fading away with generations passing
Track Name: Plaques and Tangles
See horse
Mind collapses
Wetware crash
Functions slacken
Sulci steepen
Become deeper
Gyri narrowing
Like a road under destruction
Signs removed

Roadkill in the fourth dimension
We all hit the ceiling
As we are passed by time
Fragile carapace
An empty shell remains
It may keep breathing

Ultimate retardation
Brain stem vegetation
Obsolete, miserable and wearing diapers
This is humanity

Plaques and tangles
Proteins entangled
Memory fades
Lost yourself
Track Name: Uncommon Perspective
High Pitched shades flash by
Wind blowing
Deceiving perception of pace
Altitude, hunting, incorporating creatures
Toying with sinusses
Sight rudimentary
An alien perspective
Waveform patterns unknown
On this world

Black or white, with no regards
Different senses, different stars
Differentiate this state of mind
Integrate five or twelve in random order
Aging is dying
Understanding is smelling?

Feel it, might as well hear it
As long as you catch it
An individual in a vast world
Can have its own boundaries
All definitions
Track Name: Faceless
Speak out my name
And I will live again
Through you, my dear,
I regain access

For I am dead
My flesh is buried deep
The bones in my tomb
They stir no more

But words remain
To keep me in your mind
In organic tissue

My spark of life remains
But not through magic, formulas
Keep my flesh intact
But this is not what haunts your sleep
The gold, the edifice, the mourning priests,
They shall be deleted, will fade away
Eternal life cannot be achieved with help fomr gods or demons
Mark my words

Carbon and ink survive flesh and stone
When memories fade, it is no more.

Erase my foes
Their writings are no more
Their features carved in stone
Are chiseled away.
Track Name: Paranoiae Inherentiae
the insanity of reality... futility of sanity
this stupidity of clinging with tenacity
to the lucidity of normality... the
gravity of the brutality of which
has an opacity ignored by
everyone except for
this oddity,
which is


none see
the futility
of treating this
reality without some
form of curiosity - striving
for the purity and clarity not
gained in the university of similarity
teaching thought patterns uninspired by divinity

a monstrosity unworthy of pity, humanity claiming
superiority yet showing such alacrity for
enmity with its own kind as speciality
twould be quite a tragedy if not for
the brevity of its life and its
internal strife making up
for their affinity with
taking the lives
of all there


me be - I
prefer obscurity
claiming no familiarity
with the unthinking majority
the throng displeased with any entity
striving for non - uniformity and freedom
of profundity - strangulating & bladderwracking
suffocating anything differing from the banality and
anonimity such a herd brings - worshipping parity like a deity

Does this appear to be some witty ditty ? This fear of the mundane inherent to some; our brains scintilating when confronted with the singular & the obscure - a terrifying thought in itself, apparently. Such pacity and mediocrity craved for some reason. Well, sanity is defined only by consensus of the ignorant masses. Paranoniae Inherentiae - awaiting the day a new Malleus Malleficarum will be written. This time outlawing all heterodoxal enough to actually use their brains...

Track Name: Perspective Uncommonly
Upside down
Crawling, ceiling
Mono or stereoscopic
Colour blindness in supersonic frequencies
Spectrum unlimited only by processing
Continuous but discrete in the brain
The cephalic computer connects the dots
Are those bolts cabled right?

A blur of blue
Five thousand Herz
Does it hurt?
Voices in your skull
Pathways, nerves re-routed
Detox is useless
Everything is pulled right out of its frame

Psychedelicious perception
Aren’t we stoned
Or are we schizophrenic, psychotic?
When the eagle cries like a rainbow
Something must be rewired
Rewind your thoughts
Fata Morgana no more
No less
Legally blind but fond of colours/sounds

An oddity,
Malleus, incus, stapes, retina
An oddity like so many
Individually mal-functioning, evolving
Communication worsened
Track Name: Gamma Aminobutyric Acid Jazz
All is unclear
New killers approaching
Is this the point in time
That we seize to exist?

Cease the day in double shifts
And keep on smiling
The hunt for food is over
Take place in front of your flat screen
Of utter blackness (Sony Trinitron)
Triple experience all over, the best
Kept secretly conspiringly from neighbours’s ears
The deity fatigue worshipped before the shrine of digital surround

Spread your chicken’s wings
Blessed be those buried with children
It’s no gift
Rather a duty
Zero tolerance of autonomous behaviour
Neighbours whisper, stirring curtains
Binoculars, vigilance, icon’s eyes

There is no need to wander
There is no use for ponder
Comfort under leathery wings
Slippery, opaque, eclipse of intuition
Like a spare frontal lobe
Replacement of the head
Invisible cervical dyslocation
A social benzodiazepine
Hypnotic, promnesic, antidepressant

A truce by coupe d’etat of mind
Hiatus in decision apparatus
There is no need to worry
Only use to bury
Children, stir in your graves while you’re still alive
Track Name: Wetware
Digits Eyes
Bits of medulla
Memory on a stick
Upgraded hippocampus
Neural networks
Mailed detachment
Dial up and escape

A giant leap into a new gene pool
Engineered on microcircuitry
A Jack-in-the-silicon-box
De-livered from decay
Deprived from dynamics

Upgraded, Streamlined, Boosted
Generated random patterns
Disruption of crossing-over
Mutations muted
Personality programmed in debug mode
Remains too human to be real

Caching in
Collective conscience chipped, tagged and bagged
Controlled, altered, deleted
Viral definition filed
No place to run

Prospect of eternal life
Might be just a memory digitized
Track Name: Antagonist
To escape the world within worlds
A blue globe squared in high-octane triangles
Cobblestone madness
Shivered and shuddered by beautiful irregularities
The charity of corruption becomes more clear than ever
in a bright green liquid burst

A one-way street with six dimensions
Orange light of sodium and Gomorrah
Sidewalks shining in heavy rainfall
Objects in the dark towering above the clouds
The poignant smell of overused sewers
Is this supposed to be a postcard?
Underestimating its scale of terrifying magnificence
In reality Richter's scales are violet as ever
Never captured the way they were
Sculptured, a Gestalt, not to be encapsulated in atomist thoughts

Corroded copper statues green of reverence
Tarmac and concrete
Absorption of exhaled inspiration
The blood-reddened swears of the pious
Centuries of toil for nothing
but thinnish pleasure
Covered in grime of ages to come
Behold the greatness of its architecture

A monument of a strongly subjective kind
Standing tall, casting shadows through time
Shelves in inner chambers
Codices, ancient yellow pages
Can they show me the way to an inner piece?
A maze, amusing
Stride, hold this mace
Amazed, protected from these dark clouds
Surrounding my scalp
It is so confusing

An attraction of refraction
The light fantastic
Broken down, prism opposing
The ability to perceive the white of snow covered mountains
It becomes more clear than ever
The necessity to escape these worlds within the world